About Us.

Lunedì consists of three sisters from The Netherlands. Their last name is Maandag, which translates to ‘Lunedì’ in Italian.


Annemarijn is the eldest, but this energetic Aquarius often is guessed to be the youngest!
She always starts her day with a sun salutation and loves a deep conversation.
She performed nationally as well as internationally in several musicals, such as Phantom Of The Opera, Mozart! and Hello, Dolly!. She always sings from her heart!


Lillian is the middle one out of the three of us. She is a comical Scorpion that loves nature. For her there ain’t no mountain high enough, like a jodeling fitgirl she runs to the top! She has shined in several musicals such as Mozart! and also Schikaneder where she worked with Stephen Schwartz and Trevor Nunn.


Willemijn is the youngest of the three of us. She is a happy Capricorn that knows her ways. She has starred in musicals like My Fair Lady, Evita and Anastasia. In her free time she loves to tour the countryside with her motorcycle, on which she also drives to performances. Off goes the motorcycle suit, on goes the princess dress!